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When you first take delivery of you brand new, pre-loved, or rented motorhome, you are presented with a daunting array of new stuff to learn. It's not just bigger than your car, but it's filled with all kinds of new technology that you need to figure out how to use and take care of, like house batteries, solar panels, fridge-freezer, and TV and entertainment system.  


When we took delivery of our pre-loved motorhome in 2013, we couldn't understand why the fridge didn't work properly, or why we only got a few minutes of hot water for a shower, or why we kept running out of power overnight. A month or so later, we had completely stuffed our house batteries because we kept discharging them way lower than recommended. And, over the next couple of years, we observed our shiny new exterior become dull and chalky in the ravages of our New Zealand UV light.


It was a steep, and expensive learning curve, that resulted in replacing the batteries, fitting extra solar panels, and getting our fridge serviced (it was a partially blocked gas jet). We learned that the hot water is pre-heated in a small cylinder, and if we didn't give it 30 minutes to heat up, then we could only have a very short, warm shower.


This page outlines the most important 'stuff' you need to know, and links you to businesses that can help should you need it.