What is the best way to plan a motor caravanning holiday around New Zealand?


You literally have thousands of places you could go, and most are not in the promotional tour guides. Where you would choose to go depends on your own interests and activities that you enjoy. 


In RV Explorer, you can either find out what is available in each of the main regional locations where we've been, you can use the interactive trip planner map, or work directly from the location site map.


From this page you can view a slideshow on any area in New Zealand which you'd like to learn more about. You can add interesting locations to your trip plan, which you can then re-arrange using the trip planner map to suit your own interests.


Each slideshow highlights interesting locations to visit or stay. And you can use the slideshow filter to focus on what is most interesting for you - for example, beach locations, golf clubs, campsites or freedom camping.


The slides don't include utility type locations like dump stations, grocery shopping, or inferior places to stay. You can find all of these on the trip planner map.


This a work in progress...