Our Goal

Our goal is to create a free online library of places motor caravanners can enjoy in New Zealand, and to make it really easy for you to plan your own trips.


We have been travelling around New Zealand, taking pictures, writing up what we have found in each location, and then posting it on this website.


The intention is to write it as we see it, and also to give other travellers to opportunity to add in their own comments. Everyone has different interests and preferences, so having everyone able to share their comments is important.


What you can do

Check out the places you might like to visit and save each interesting location into your own personal trip plan, which you can print off when you are ready to go. The plan includes all the important address and contact information about each location, including your own custom map. 


You can use the Trip Planner map to see where each locaton is, and click through to the  full description if it looks interesting. You can choose to include it in your trip plan directly on the map, or on the detail location page.


You can also use the region links across the top of the page, or the Location menu item in the sidebar - whatever works best for you.


The Benefits of Registering

While you can view all the pages without registering, to prepare and save a trip plan, you must register and log in, You also get some really cool extra benefits:

  1. You can create and save multiple trip plans - which is useful because to can create plans for a small area with just a few locations. This allows you to zoom in and display much more detail in your map. Each plan is saved for as long as you want, so you can do your planning well ahead of time, and make adjustments and print it off whenever you are ready.
  2. When logged in you will also see all the locations on the map that we haven't yet visited. This is how we plan our own trips to new places, and you can as well.
  3. On the Trip Planner Map you can filter what locations are displayed, making it much easier to find locations you are looking for.
  4. You can add notes to each location on your trip plan, including planned dates, and even share the finished plan with your friends.
  5. You can also add your own comments to each article on the website. We really encourage everyone to do this so that we get a more balanced view of each location. When we visit, we tell it like we found it. But campsites and free parking locations change, and your experience might be quite different. We'd love to hear what you think - and so would everyone else.
  6. We've given each location that we've visited at 1 to 5 star rating. One of my next enhancements will be for registered members to also add their rating so that we get a cumulative rating for each location. This is coming soon - look out for it.
  7. You can also contribute to the News & Messages page, hopefully sharing your ideas for places to visit, features that you would like to see, or anything else that you'd like to add.

We only use your registration details to provide you with services on this website. We'll never spam you, or share your email address with anyone else.


In time we're planning to add newsletters on subjects that you might find interesting, and you will be able to subscribe to these if you want to. You will always be able to opt in and out whenever you choose.


Whether you register or not, the cost is free. 


Terms & Conditions

If you do register, please respect our Terms & Conditions for participating. This website is family friendly and is not the place for bad language or libelous attacks on other persons or businesses. Advertising, or links to other websites, is not allowed.


We cannot accept responsibility, or liability, for anything that others may contribute.


We will remove any advertising, or anything that is offensive. If appropriate, we will contact the person concerned. If neccessary, we will block such people from making any further contributions.