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Aramoana Beach Reserve

star rating of 2

by Chris Gaelic

Aramoana Beach, Aramoana, Hawkes Bay

Phone: 06 857 8060

rvexplorer id: 19178

Lat-Long: -40.1499, 176.846

Clearly defined parking areas

Clearly defined parking areas


Public toilets

Public toilets


The reserve at Aramoana Beach provides limited parking for self-contained motor caravanners to freedom camp. There are toilets available.


This is a really nice locatoin that adjoins a large marine reserve, where you can go for long walks exploring the regenerating rocky shoreline.


Unfortunately, there is very limited room available in the designated parking areas, making it almost impossible for more that two vans to park. It's also at the end of the narrow carpark, which is likely to fill up with other day travellers. You could easily find that you couldn't get in, or get out, until everyone else had gone home.


The toilets were well maintained. Hopefully, something can be done about the parking.

The other side of the parking area

The other side of the parking area




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