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Ash Pit Rd Campsite - DOC

star rating of 3.5

by Chris Gaelic

Ash Pit Rd, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty

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Lat-Long: -38.2778, 176.50906

Campsite office

Campsite office


Camp registration fees

Camp registration fees



The DOC Campsite at Ash Pitt Rd is on the water's edge along Lake Rerewhakaaitu.


This is one of three campsites around this popular lake, and includes a live-in camp manager.




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10:45 AM 26-Apr-17 by Geoffrey_Brown from Papamoa, NZ Public
Got car broken into 3 nights ago and at 4:30am this morning had a black car come into ashpit campsite with headlights on full checking out one end then another. When I shone a very bright light at them they quickly vacated the area. Obviously not here for a campsite at all. Phone police and heard and saw nothing further from police or car. Geoffrey Brown, Papamoa, NZ.
03:20 AM 26-Apr-17 by Geoffrey_Brown from Papamoa, NZ Public
There are no rubbish bins so your closest option is the Guy Roe reserve on Brett Road. There are a few water taps around the place but I expect they are bore water so they recommend boiling to kill germs. Geoffrey Brown, Papamoa, NZ.
03:17 AM 26-Apr-17 by Geoffrey_Brown from Papamoa, NZ Public
There is no shop anywhere close. Your nearest option would be Benny Bee on the way to Taupo so come prepared with food as it will be approx a 45 round trip to get anything once here. The shop that used to be by the Rerewhakaaitu school has long ago closed down. Geoffrey Brown, Papamoa, NZ.
03:10 AM 26-Apr-17 by Geoffrey_Brown from Papamoa, NZ Public
Site is the largest of the three around the lake with many spots flat so easy motorhome or caravan setup. The two powered sites near the entrance dont work as they were for the previous warden to use. Geoffrey Brown, Papamoa, NZ.
02:50 AM 26-Apr-17 by Geoffrey_Brown from Papamoa, NZ Public
Things have changed a bit since what I think was Dec 2013 when the main part of this page was done by Chris Gaelic. The camp manager is gone and the site is more rundown and less maintained. The rates are $8 adult and $4 child per night now. The location has more crime and our car got broken into at 2am and three windows smashed and the backpack taken. Similar stories at Brett Road and Guy Roe reserve from other campers who use their own tourist websites. In fact one group had come to Ashpit on the basis that it was safer than these other two. Appears that since camp warden went (around early 2016) things at the sites have more prevalent crime abd more rundown feel. Brett road iron maden had door completly taken off. Iwi come around about every few days just to renew toilet paper and have a look around. Nice site but with Kangaroa a nearby hotspot for gangs and crime you are in a remote location with police 30-40 minutes away in Rotorua if anything happens. We enjoyed our stay but set the alarm for 1:30am each night to check what was happening outside. Kerosene Creek is nearby and is really nice for a warm dip. With lake level much higher than normal a lot of access tracks around the lake are cutoff by water. Geoffrey Brown, Papamoa, NZ